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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Sour and tart

But single volume should not exceed ml.The first in the child's diet it is expedient to enter apple juice which is characterized by the low acidity and low allergenicity.Sour and tart juice it is necessary to part with boiled water.Fruit purees can be entered in weeks after purpose of juice, with , months, using the same range of fruit.Introduction of new types of mashed potatoes to carry out gradually, since g and increasing to g to to months.Juice and fruit purees of industrial release provide quality guarantee necessary for children of the first year of life and safety.

Options of stuffings

That forcemeat was more juicy, add the white loaf soaked in water or milk or breadcrumbs, add liquid water, milk, broth.From forcemeat cook cutlets, meatballs, quenelles, rolls, croquets, use it as a stuffing for pies, pies, pelmeni, zrazas, baked puddings, rolls.Options of stuffings for meat zrazas, rolls from rice with egg From buckwheat and egg Buckwheat cereal, chopped boiled egg, the browned onions.From grated cheese Cheese g, butter h.l., greens to taste.To mix grated cheese, butter, the cut greens.

It is necessary

PART II.We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION Here what it is necessary to remember if you want that such occupations of a bl gopriyatno affected development of organizational skills You have to be the active participant of process, model skills to ask questions and to support the child.It is necessary well to carry out function of frontal lobes.You cannot simply offer to the child to be engaged in planning, and then to provide it most to itself and electronics.The child has to have an opportunity to make a reasonable choice and prin mother the decision during occupations.

To put the steamedout

Rassolnik To wash out tablespoons of pearl barley, to cook it in water or broth of minutes.To cut potatoes in cubes, a parsley root straws, to grate carrots on to large grater.To put the steamedout pearl barley in the boiling broth, fried onions, parsley and carrots to put potatoes, and then a pickle, cut in cubes.To bring to boiling and to strew with greens.Soup potato with peas To cook broth l, to filter, bring to boiling, to lower cut on cubes of potatoes and the carrots grated on a large grater to cook to readiness.

So, in the first

Other defects concerning vowels, as well as concordants are explained by that the child in perfection reproduces imperfectly apprehended sounds.So, in the first case, it is business of functional defects peripheral motor body and, so nervous ways the reason lies in the individual.In the second case of a mistake are caused by acoustical incentive, and the reason lies out of the individual.These defects often remain in boyhood and with adults, though in softened to form; eventually they create abnormality of the speech in which later joins and wrong spelling.


Put on plasticine prints covers from old felttip pens, from bubbles, keys, other small subjects, creating patterns or simple drawings.GAMES ON PAPER All tasks which will be described below, can be executed colourfully, differently color felttip pens and to enclose in the transparent folder file.Then them it is possible will reuse.The kid will directly draw according to the folder flomas shooting gallery, and you will wipe then a damp sponge everything that it scribbled, and game will be as new.PATHS Draw lodges with left and with the right side, and between them to to horn.


When artificial feeding children re ComingOut to give close svoim PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES properties to breast milk, infant formula , which contain in the right quantities and went the cue for the assimilation forms of iron.Children of the second half of life , which rapidly depleting its own reserves of iron , you need to replenish your diet products , rich in protein and iron cheese, eggs, meat, fish, vegetable and cereal meals.All children need to give products rich trace elements copper, cobalt, manganese, no Kel and vitamins of group In, ascorbic and folic acid beef, brain, yolk ku Ringo eggs, oatmeal and buckwheat groats , Seele tion peas, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, black ing currants, gooseberries and apples Antonovka, as well as vegetable and fruit juices and puree fresh fruits and berries.

If it is not enough, study

If it is not enough, study the principles and recommendations lying at the heart of successful strategy of formation of organizational skills chapter .Begin correctional work, using ready plans for a pror botka of especially problem daily tasks chapter .If it is not enough, start working over concrete an organiza tsionny skills chapter .Follow the main recommendations, helping the child to use problem organizational skills more effectively and after dovatelno.If the child experiences difficulties with a certain skill in general, develop own strategy, using a priva day in this chapter formu.

When to start

And the sevenyearold boy constructs og frame palace of the snow queen or fortress of crusaders.When to start playing with the child cubes?Whether the child in pomo needs the adult's Russian cabbage soup, playing with them?Whether it is necessary to teach children to build of cubes?Whether can the set of cubes to become the training game?Let's try to understand these questions.WE ZNAKOMITSYA WITH FIGURES Show and call to the kid all solids which are in your construction set.

Thus it is necessary

It means diligent work for adults at work or vn matelny performance of the duties of the house.Thus it is necessary not to turn attention to the distracting factors and to come back to ra boat as soon as possible if the break is inevitable.If yours way the nost to concentrate is weak, you jump from a task to a task, cha hundred without managing to finish the first before transition to the second.You ispol zut any pretexts to stop work, for example everyone five minutes check email or unexpectedly vspom ache about that it is necessary to call someone.

In addition, they

Actually, it's not even oils, and mixtures to which animal and vegetable fats using the special social processes are mixed.In addition, they included emulsifiers, fragrances, dyes, which for a small child net agallery AND INTOLERANCE.CHOOSE FOOD CAUTION!WHY HAVE ALLERGIES We met with the principal products under walking for almost all kids, now pogo work about some cases, due to the fact that the child for a food Allergy occurs.Allergy is broken, or, one can say, the inadequate work of immunity.Due to op certain causes the immune system begins work a thief too intensively, protective mechanisms of Srba the population not only against aggressive bacteria and viruses, but also against his own, absolutely normal those cells.

Overheating, heat

When frostbite, starting with the second degree neither required hospitalization in chirurgiche civil or burn Department of the hospital.Overheating, heat and sunstroke Heat stroke is a pathological condition of the organism caused General prehravani eat of the body.Sunstroke variety heat stroke that occurs when a direct dei under the sun's rays on the child's head.There are predisposing factors those polovogo strike too warm clothes, insufficient accurate drink, overweight child .Heat the howl of a stroke may occur in the room when it is hot and stuffy.

If it is not possible

If biorhythms are broken, for example, when we go to bed late to sleep, we become uneasy.Some children come to this world with the broken biorhythms.Them it is accepted to call uneasy.At others biorhythms are debugged, but need in maintenance.If it is not possible to order or support biorhythms, the child starts behaving, as at gripes.Perhaps, there are special hormones, helping the internal organization.If they are not enough, the child worries, its biorhythms are not ordered.He does not shout constantly, and gives vent to tension during attacks of gripes, or tension which accumulated in a day in the evening pours out in a long attack.

Then it is necessary

For cooking it is necessary to lower cabbage in a large amount of the boiling water and to cook in open ware on strong fire.It is possible to cook cabbage and in a different way to lower a head of cabbage in the added some salt boiled water and to cook no more than minutes in the closed to ware.Then it is necessary to merge water, to fill in cabbage with the boiling broth or water.Thus way of cooking in vegetables more mineral salts remain, than when cooking in large amount of water.

First aid . Quickly

That concerns

Tabs which we show, simply pay attention of the child to this form.That concerns names, they are similar to names with which the child learns to call things.Why prematurely to acquaint the child with words a circle, a square, an oval, house time it continually hears the word round in the relation to plates, etc.?He hears how his parents speak about square table, about an oval little table etc., and these common words will be long to be confused in his mind and the speech if we do not come to the rescue to it with an explanation of figures.


If this thing cannot be withdrawn for example, a school backpack, impose a penalty or deprive of some privilege.Modificationadjustment .If necessary add encouragement.One of options to put a certain number of counters in bank every day and a toast to vat one counter every time when the child forgets to put a thing into place.Counters can be exchanged for small material ny awards or hobbies.If it is too difficult to child to put things back right after uses or during some other period, fix time, to which all things need to be returned on places.

On to it they

When it passed into average school, the situation worsened.There were more tasks, for execute niy which he has to watch at school and its limits, and parents and teachers already expect that he will act more independently.On to it they less than earlier, watch it, help to look for things or replace them if it lost them.Until recently parents and teachers of Devon used under the course as a result of which the boy suffered from consequences of the own disorganizations.

From half

Say one, two, three feet up!Raise legs so that my feet were touching.And now, say, one, two, three legs apart!slightly spread legs, still touching legs mA Lisa.The game develops coordination.From half to two years Young drummer Give your baby a drum stick or wooden spoon.Try to rap on the floor some sort of rhythm.On an example of two blow pause, two punch pause.SGAs make one, two, one, two.Take your hand baby and knock together.

. If the child


Designing f, $ CTpyYtf ' WE PLAY CUBES What only designers you will not meet now on shelves of shops!One other of geometrical figures with cuts, components consist of tubules, the third are reminded by puzzle puzzle details.Designers on magnets, on flypapers, Lego compatible designers and Lego.To many designers detailed schemes of assembly of this or that model are attached.But after all continue to enjoy unfading popularity obyk novenny wooden cubes and the Builder sets, in which except cubes there are bricks, cylinders, prisms and other details.

Metro the passenger. Axe wood. Portrait

Young vicious

Then repeat reef Mbeki at a fast pace, while maintaining the accuracy and clarity of pronunciation.Ponravit been rhyming sauce.Danced, danced around the house broom, floors swept from corner to corner.In the area Alenka village, Alena many things.Young vicious dog in the nose stung by a wasp.Goals steel Linden, goals poplar, expect snow bare fields.Small for Mila was Bathrobe, and full of patches on it.The moth was flying, tired didn't know just sat went.

The sounds

The child is making proposals, but their grammar registration grossly distorted, for example Anya wants no I don't want.Not talking about yourself in the first person not enjoys months domeniem I.During his speech, the tongue protrudes between the teeth.The sounds are pronounced with the chlopakiem have nasal tone.PRESCHOOL age In years phrase speech child already includes suggestions deposits consisting of to words.At this age, children begin to accompany your game speech, which indicates Faure formation of the regulatory function.

The story

Check that the connected speech is a chain logically combined sentences, contains a complete thought.The story may be narrative the the events in dynamics, descriptive characteristics of an object, phenomenon and Ob ACNielsen what subject that it de to do it, why.In addition, there are races tales of reasoning and creative stories based on the imagination.Before you book that will help the child to acquire all listed kinds of storytelling.Doing it, child of a preschool child will learn not only to tell the complete samples communication statements, but also independently stood manage a variety of narra and peafowl wood butt stories sory, descriptive, explanatory and creative nature.


Narrowing pupils, impaired vision.Possible convulsions, delirium, hallucinations.Signs of poisoning with morels and the lines Severe abdominal pain.Nausea and vomiting.Diarrhea.When to call the doctor In any mushroom poisoning not required urgent medical assistance.First aid in case of poisoning with mushrooms ATTENTION!Do not induce vomiting in children without consciousness, and with very young children , as gag mass can get into the respiratory tract.

On the pathogen, which

So pneumonia may byteperpixel if the agent got to lay down Kie directly from the air or secondary if Pato gene came from another source in the body .Today more common secondary pneumonia, an infection of the upper respiratory sory ways falls, affecting the lungs.On the pathogen, which was the root cause disease, pneumonia distinguish akbakai material for example, staphylococcal, viral, fungal, parasitic, or mixed origin walking.Each of these types of illness has its clear clinical evidence that can handle only a doctor.

To imagine

PARROT RESCUE ADDITIONAL ITEM Carefully consider both pictures series.Mentally add the subject, which may the boy to get his hat out of deep snow drift this can be skiing, rod, a snowscooter, plywood and other.To tell the story as a whole.FLOWN AWAY CAP ARUGUE TIME GOD Carefully consider all the paintings of the series.To imagine that their action is during the summer.Mentally to remove objects that cannot be seen in summer.To add items to that will help a girl with a doll to go on the swings.To tell the story entirely.

Children, Montessori's subjects

These exercises should not be limited only to Montessori's devices.Children, Montessori's subjects which learned to take out, use and put back before acquaintance with more various material of frebelevsky system, have to be able to care of the last material.Of course, if there are children it will not be difficult for them to come back to school after lunch, it would be very curious to make experience with the truck farming recommended and Fryobel and Montessori, and also with potter's works of Montessori.Concerning opportunity apply niya of system of Montessori at home we will be limited only to several remarks.

Check the meanings

Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in a direct syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic tonelki.WL zu Zee Zee zu Zee Zee zu WL zi zu see Zee Zee Zee WL zi zu Zee Zee Zee Zee Zee Zee Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in the beginning and in the middle of words.The development of auditory attention and memory Clearly, highlighting voice sound RELATIONSHIP, repeat every words.Then call words from memory.Check the meanings of unknown words.The green Finch winter.Zebra grain Zelenka.


Quite often intolerance of extractive substances meat and chicken broths it is mistakenly treated as an allergy to beef and chicken meat, that leads to an unreasonable exception of these highvaluable products from child's diet.FOOD OF THE CHILD WITH THE FOOD POLYALLERGY Difficulties arise when feeding children who have an allergy to to wide range of the products possessing a high nutrition value.Such food forms of a polyallergy seldom develop initially.Creation of a diet in such cases demands especially individual approach.Only those are excluded foodstuff in relation to which there is a high level sensitization.

Put Senya

Then runs around the room, gathers in a paper bag you money, different notes.Neighbor's always late for my bus, and then standing at the bus stop and sad.That's the kind of absentminded neighbour!HERE WAS GREAT FUN!Senya I was sitting on the chair.The chair is cracked and broken.In the class nobody noticed.Put Senya the back seat and left the chair on month thoselet's worth something like.About broken the back Senya no one said.That's the sweat ha will be when somebody will sit down in my chair!

The first

Possibly, you know adults who excellently consult with planning of time, and for whom it is extremely difficult.The first always it is possible to fulfill obligations in time; they can estimate, what is the time this or that work will borrow from them, to make the schedule depending on free time if necessary being accelerated.Often they are not overloaded, partially because accurately a ponima yut the opportunities.The adults who are not possessing this skill with I rub the house adhere to the schedule, constantly are late and make mistakes at calculation of time which is required to them on performance tasks.

When to consult

If you become ill infant.When to consult a doctor In other cases , when you said signs of pneumonia , call the precinct tera pita.It will determine whether the child for them to reach mineralisation, and prescribe treatment .Independently to treat pneumonia is impossible!What to do before the arrival of the doctor .At high temperature above .°C give child antipyretics Pana Dol, paracetamol, analgin tablets or candlelight syrup and suspension can cause allergies.PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES .The child should drink plenty to fill p o t e R s in e s with l I h o R a l C o nd and in s o d I t e and C the body toxins.

If no breath, start

Don't let the child nor drink, nor eat.If the child starts to fall asleep or shortness of breath he stopped, listen to his dy Haniyeh.If no breath, start Rea animacionnym activities.Even if breathing has recovered , not noted cleaners doctor on call .Doctor must find out the cause shortness of breath , to take measures to prevent its recurrence.An accident on the water If the child fell into the water and drown , you to take urgent measures to save him .Your actions must be clear and after sequential.

From all listed

Sorbite also ksilit sweet, well soluble in water, received from vegetable raw materials.Fructose the sweet substance which is a part of berries, fruit and sugar increases blood sugar level.I am group nekalorigenny aspartame, to atsesulfa potassium, tsiklamat and saccharin.From all listed SZ children are recommended to give only aspartame.The new sakharozamenitel eritrit a natural metabolite vegetable and an animal organism, it is formed in fabrics and liquids of live organisms, it is found in a melon, peaches, grapes, soy, corn, wheat.


Researchers from National institute of mental health USA also assume that process of cutting off can at this time to occur and in frontal lobes.The functioning neural communications with hranyatsya, and the others are lost.Therefore it is incredibly important prakt in use of organizational skills.The children training them not simply study management independence of.They develop brain structures which will support their organizational skills at the end of the teenage period and in adult life.PART I.CAPABLE, BUT SCATTERED Fig.

Thanks to an optimum

Milk contains highquality and digestible proteins and fats, it is the main source of the calcium necessary for growth and formation bones and teeth, normal functioning of nervous and muscular systems.Thanks to an optimum ratio in milk of calcium and phosphorus, and also to presence of dairy sugar lactoses absorption of calcium from milk comes very effectively and significantly better, than from grain, meat, vegetables and other products.Therefore milk has to be a constant component of a diet of children.

It remains

Who then flew to AE.The gargoyle gave a drop nectar to wet the wings of a Fly.Maybe it will help?So did they.A miracle!Wings of a Fly began to glow a soft blue light and raised it high up in the sky!!!The inhabitants of the island sang soon, very soon will come the salvation!Everyone saw how to fly with a flower in her hands flew over them.It remains only to find the Goblin.But what is it?Radiance wings elf quickly began to fade, and fly sharply began to lose altitude it ended the action of nectar.


Think out problems with characters on addition and subtraction and solve them together with the kid, using figures and figures, and then only figures.LET'S EXAMINE FRACTIONS Tell the child as parts whole are called to one second, one Torah tya, one fourth and so on.Teach the kid how to define the name hour ti it is necessary to count, how many all details in a circle if five, part of a nazyv one fifth etsyatsya, and so on.Ask the child to give you this or that part circle.Ask as this or that detail is called.

Now I know

Then, for a long time, I had no idea that there is a surprise sory school of skazkoterapii that there are specialists storytellers, helping children, teenagers and even adults to decide psychological problems.Now I know about it and are ready to share their knowledge and experience with their parents and start kăđẫa psychologists.So, in this book you will find proprietary therapeutic fairy tales and stories, compiled for my small clients in the course of psychological con counseling; therapeutic history, stories and tales invented known skazkoterapija and practical psychologist mi, the workshops, trainings Prevention tales for children and their parents; the sequence of rules and recommendations on the composition managing and presentation of therapeutic tales, if you decide write them yourself.

Main distinction

Main distinction between Montessori's system and kindergarten it appears, by close examination, in the following while Montessori's pets spend almost all the time for the address with things, depending on individual bents, and under the individual management, pets of kindergarten are ordinary occupied with group work and games on the basis of imagination.It seems to us, the peace combination of these two systems would have such character work with subjects, intended for formal sensual and intellectual education, it has to be conducted individually or in purely voluntary groups; work decided with imagination elements and social character it has to be carried out by the correct groups.

It was wrapped

The end of the third story Nadia came out of the porch, Bereg but holding a small SVER the current.It was wrapped in ideal CE her cat Linda.The cat, the final but, not very liked to lie on hands without movement, but it is the patient, La, because her little mistress I wanted to meet a girl mi from the yard.And for the sake of her can bear!SIMILAR SKAZKA To tell a story with a similar plot and other heroes.PROTEIN AND SQUIRREL As the Squirrel sat on a branch about hollows and taught his Bel Conca Mushrooms good food.

The mineral

The mineral water taken in a warm look renders the expressed the action stimulating secretion see the table.Table .The characteristic of mineral waters depending on temperature Influence of various conditions of reception of mineral water on motor and sekretorny functions of a digestive tract reception of mineral water cold stimulates a motility digestive tract that is especially useful at an intestines atoniya, locks; reception of mineral water in a warm look causes delay depletions of a stomach; water of a small mineralization is late in a stomach more long, renders the action promoting production of bile; water of a high mineralization has zhelchegonny effect; carbonic and hydrosulphuric waters stimulate motor function of a stomach; hloridnosodium waters of an average mineralization type Yessentuki increase acidity of gastric juice; carbonic hydrocarbonate sulphatic calcic magnesian acid like Narzan strengthens office of gastric juice; the waters containing ions sulfates, magnesium, do not influence the gastric secretion, but have primary effect on the motive function of intestines render laxative effect.

On the phone

In addition, mere there are several deadly poisons.The main thing for you quickly install than rawilsa child, and to start treatment before arrival the doctor.However, independently to give the child drugs cannot.On the phone the doctor will give you not necessary instructions depending on what poisoned child, and what is his age.When to consult a doctor If a child lost consciousness or zatihaet to access emergency care.In the rest of cases immediately call in the centre of travle deposits, clinic or hospital for consultation tion.


THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF CREATION OF THE DIET AT THE FOOD ALLERGIES WITH THE ESTABLISHED ALLERGENS In the analysis of statistical data of history of a disease, data of the food the diary and additional methods of research the following is possible options identification of a sensitization to obligate obligatory allergens first group; identification of a sensitization to one or several obligate to allergens of the second group; identification of a sensitization to not obligate allergens cereals, meat, vegetables, etc.In the first case strict observance of a hypoallergenic diet is necessary.

Drugs for gastrointestinal

Antipyretics paracetamolo holding funds paracetamol or efficiency relgan; containing paracetamol bis proven.Antihistamines claritin, cave Gil, suprastin, fenistil.Pain candles and potions that for your baby.Drugs for gastrointestinal activated carbon , festal, but Spa, whether the NEX, regidron.Ä APPLICATION.TRAVEL FIRST AID KIT FOR A CHILD .Antiseptic preparations iodine, Zelenka, manganese, furatsilina, chlorhexidine , percent solution, hydrogen peroxide interest.Sterile compresses.Dressing materials cotton wool, bandages, sterile tion, elastic bandage , krovoostanavlivayuschee speaker harness , bactericidal and ordinary the patch.

In the second

For example, Apple, pear, bun and orange..To select all sweet juicy delicious useful products.In the second half of the meeting was painted table, where on the scale will be evaluated taste and useful features from the previous home products.The result After the first homework Ar those found that the kiwi, it turns out, tasty, after the second the meeting asked his grandmother to make him a sandwich with sausage and cheese.Wonders, and more!Good cat that grandchildren listened Yes products with appetite ate!

Pine forest. The composition

Almost all infected

Changing tastes and appetite of the child, which starts badly there , and even favorite dishes, and lays on sweets , especially the chocolate.In children of early age are observed paleness of skin, vomiting, dark circles under eyes.Almost all infected kids watch given the symptoms Central nervous system irritability, PLO Worms Hoi sleep, fatigue, feeling the severity of the head, apathy.Often arise behavior disorders children act up , get distracted , suffer from night terrors, they deteriorate memory and attention.If you have a large number of worms in the child may occur plexus them in tangle.

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